Really I’ve recently decided what I want in life…

I want to move into a murder house. Or a house with a horrific past. One where people have died. Preferably multiple people. Hopefully a family. Maybe one inhabited by a serial killer. His happy little hell home. I will find it the most lovely. Be surrounded by scary noises. Be harassed by ghosts.

When I move in I’ll find a creepy doll in the attic. And all of the mirrors in one room. They be clouded with age and have permanent hand prints on them from another world.

I want to find that I have a basement I should NEVER go in behind a door that I never noticed in my hallway closet. And dark corners in the house where I’ll never be able to see the end of the darkness.

That is what I want.
To every day be terrified by my own house. The ghosts will become my friends.